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Video and eLearning Localization

Localizing video and eLearning is a composite and multi-process activity that requires a qualified expert to carry out the task. The scope of the project also varies, and a large part of it depends on kind of video and eLearning modules as well as the program models. Digital DTP Worldwideis a leading video and e-learning localization company in business for several years and successfully catering to the demands of various sectors of the industry.


Video and eLearning Localization Services

Digital DTP Worldwide is adept at handling several types of requirements that fall within the framework of video and eLearning localization. We are already delivering our overseas clients the following services:

  • Preparation of video/e-learning for the localization
  • Video/e-learning localization
  • Capturing of video on localized operating systems
  • Subtitling
  • Editing of audio tracks
  • OST (on-screen-text) localization
  • Source re-creation
  • Synchronization of voiceovers with localized video files
  • Connecting edited videos with flash presentations for web applications
  • Basic programming support for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, XML and ActionScript 3

The video and e-learning localization department at Digital DTP Worldwide has backed with the advanced hardware and software, which are essential in creating eLearning courses, product demos, animated presentations. The experts with us have experience in most advanced video editing and e-learning applications such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia Studio, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Media Encoder and many more.

The process of video and e-learning localization is executed efficiently keeping in view the quality and relevance of the message. It is also ensured that the quality of content adapted into the target language is maintained and without any bickering situations. Furthermore, the color schemes, fonts, and signs are adjusted to the learning needs of the target country. Our eLearning and video localization experts always ensure there are absolutely no discrepancies whatsoever and the content is acceptable to users around.

Video and eLearning Localization: Stepwise Procedures

Material Analysis: It is very significant that before the process of localization begins, the course content and other relevant material are evaluated. The experts at Digital DTP Worldwide are good at analyzing the culture-specific requirements of individuals and the target users. It is where our experts also select appropriate tools and leading eLearning software technology.

Translations and Proofreading of the Text: The native translators and expert proof-readers check out the integrity of the content to ensure there is the constancy in presentation and expression, between the sourced content and the translated content.

Desktop Publishing/Localization Procedures: The adept localization experts working in our team work out on visual elements to make sure that the graphics and other elements had been formatted appropriately and everything else looks materialistically complete and in perfect order.

Quality Assessment and Delivery: Independent quality assessment is done to look for synchronization of audio/video files with other modules. Once this is done, the localization team delivers the completed project.

Thinking of video and eLearning localization done by the professionals at Digital DTP Worldwide? We are here to help you in realizing your eLearning goals. Get in touch with us, right away!